Cheyne Horan Fins

The pinnacle of performance comes in a sophisticated form of unique Hydro-dynamically designed fins for high performance superior speed and manoeuvrability.

Aside from the high speed, power and smoothness of the fins, head turning design, refinement and even the dimensions of the fin to allow for all styles of surfing.

The Cheyne Horan testing team asked the question” what are the best fins today?” And Cheyne Horan has tested all his designs alongside the best fins in surfing. Turns out the doesn’t just stack up to its rivals, it towers over them. Find out for yourself what makes the EZ3 worthy of the honour. “That’s what we call history in the making, or in this case history in the engineering.”

High performance, hydrodynamic, quality, premium fins.


Price : $210


Price : $165


Price : $165

Twin Fin

Price : $125